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Welcome to the Learning and Development team. We are responsible for the delivery of learning and development opportunities for all staff working for Liverpool University Hospitals. Here you will be able to view the education offer for the organisation, including both internal and external leadership and management opportunities, personal development, coaching and other online resources.

Liverpool University Hospital’s Education Strategy sets the direction of all teaching, education and lifelong learning for staff and students to enable us to deliver the services and care required by our patients now, and in the future. To achieve this we need to make sure that staff from across all groups have an opportunity to develop up to date skills and knowledge.In order to achieve high quality care for our patients, the Learning and Development team promotes the concept of inter-professional learning for every member of staff who contributes to the delivery of patient care, whether they are in direct patient facing roles or work in a supportive function.

 A Message From Our Learning and Development Team

‘The Executive Team have outlined an ambition for LUHFT to be a great place to learn and work and to provide all our colleagues with a great experience. As a team we are committed to providing you with high quality learning, education and development, so that you are able to realise your full potential. We continually evaluate our offer and our programmes. We value your feedback and strive to ensure the experience provided by our team is impactful and provides you with long lasting learning'

Our Pledge

We will be ‘open, honest and accountable for delivering a clear educational vision. We promise we will listen, consult and treat you at all times with compassion. Together we will make a difference to the care of our patients’.

 Our Operational Model

Meet The Team

Head of Learning and Development

Michael Moore – 0151 529 3468

Training Team

Catherine Spruce – Training Manager - 0151 529 6944

Sylvia Rees - Senior Trainer – 0151 529 4214

Joe Lloyd - Senior Trainer – 0151 529 6048

Deborah McEntee – Trainer- 0151 529 2255

Anthony Butler – Apprentice Trainer – 0151 529 6962

Admin Team

Admin Office: 0151 529 6224 or learninganddevelopmentdepartment@liverpoolft.nhs.uk

Deborah Newsham – Office Manager

Julie Devine – Admin Assistant

Linda Rushton – Admin Assistant

Natalie Lowe - Admin Assistant

Victoria Spencer - Admin Assistant

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